Harmony Hall is designed to create a very stimulating, inspirational environment using Sacred Geometry.

It works on ecologically sound principles for Personal and Professional Wellbeing.

Located 16km from Kilkenny City and 20km from Carlow Town, it is very centrally located 4km off the new motorway from Dublin to Waterford. Junction 7 off the M9 is the one!

The innovative design of the building, its surrounding landscape, the animals and the organic, vegan refreshments have been carefully planned to create a unique and engaging experience.

2015/16 offers

Training Venue

Writing space

Pet Farm


Bed & Breakfast


Corporate Planning Space

Therapy Rooms

Menu: Vegan, organic, raw, wheat-free, sugar free as requested.

Courses include

How to Get Well

How to use a Pendulum

How to Go Vegan

Continued Professional Development

Caranua Schemes

Horticulture 8m Geodome







Accomodation can be booked through the following link, where there are also over 40 great reviews, or contact us directly to discuss a booking.




Harmony Hall offers a catering service: A week's supply of meals - breakfast, lunch and tea. Please see PDF of course notes as a vegan starter kit.




A stay at Harmony Hall always includes some silence in nature and a complete energy clearing.