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Harmony Hall, Kilkenny, Ireland

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Frances Micklem is a professional writer and originator of ideas and solutions for social change. Her portfolio includes a book, How To Live As One, Angel Cards, 600 articles and letters on self-mastery, organic agriculture and trouble shooting how to transition to veganism, both individually and as a society. Her Youtube channel documents developments at Harmony Hall, a bioarchitecture retreat from wifi, EMFs and other harmful frequencies, providing a guide to sheltered growing spaces for plants, farm animals and people under pressure, in the changing climate.

Portrait by artist Leslie Fennel

Since the year 2000, Frances has been a highly effective intuitive healer and she is passionate about teaching dowsing, for personal energy clearing and raising consciousness. She has solved hundreds of mysterious illnesses and difficulties for people, ranging from early signs of MS to established panic attacks and from geopathic stress to spiritual disturbances in the home, with testimonials of online work from clients as far away as the USA.


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2018 celebrated Harmony Hall taking back the heart frequency. The piano was tuned down to 432 hertz and I recommend you do the same if you have a piano in the house … and don’t take no for an answer.

432 herz

We have been held in a state of discord. In 1918, it was decided that all musical instruments should be tuned to 440 hertz, slightly harsher than the 432 – the numerical structure of reality itself: A tuning so resonant that if you are ill, you will be better, if things have got hostile they will be brought back to harmony.

Music was weaponized in this way 100 years ago, to create a schism in our energy fields, an opening for mind control and emotional influence. However hard musicians tried, they were not able to create harmony but something just off -maintaining a level of discomfort and unconscious conflict.


Remedying this and bringing people and situations back into resonance are now central to our healing capacity.


Maybe we can help you with healing or maybe you’d like to hear a Chopin Nocturne in C Sharp Minor – another significant frequency, 273 hertz - or play and enjoy yourself.

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Art currently displayed at Harmony Hall & The Kitchen Café in Bray



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